mercredi 21 avril 2010

some (recent..) library tracks I worked on

FRANZ SCHUBERT - Moment Musical in F minor, Op. 94, No. 5 from Alden Volney on Vimeo.

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN - Adagio from 'Moonlight Sonata' from Alden Volney on Vimeo.

EDVARD GRIEG - Morning mood from 'Peer Gynt' Suite N°1 from Alden Volney on Vimeo.

Video-courtoisie of Alden Volney

Tracks produced and re-enacted by Alden and meself

Album features 31 tracks, 1800 copies.

2 commentaires:

Classical a dit…

Can someone up DeWolfe DWSLP3499 Action, Not Talk Tim Souster???

Alex a dit…

how can i get this album? i love the tracks you shared here.