vendredi 20 février 2009

Peru - Constellations (1981)

Another great one full of KORG Ambient ©

MS-20, M-500, SQ-10.. THE NICE GEAR.........

again, ripped by Lasse / post processed by meself

this one's rated 3.7 / 5 on its discogs page

I'll go with 4.2 (tracks A1 and B1 being rather awesome imo..)

Peru - A1 - Utopie
Peru - A2 - Constellations

Peru - B1 - Bermuda
Peru - B2 - Out Of Time
Peru - B3 - Déjà Vu

@ 320 + artwork = 90 Mb => Peru and Beyond.

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Horatio Hufnagel a dit…

THANKS! I love your blog, wouldnt have the chance to get such amazing music without it!

if you like more space disco stuff check ou space,droids or space art if you havent already got your hands on it.

louisville michael a dit…

thank you very much!

Novaia Zemlia a dit…

If you find "Quo Vadis" post here. Thanks in advance

Novaia Zemlia a dit…

Thanks :)

Anonymous a dit…

always such amazing posts! thanx so much for sharing!

Paul Durango a dit…

Cet album est le Pérou.

Anonymous a dit…

wow,i cant believe i found this lovely site.i remember i had a record of this incredible band back in the 80ies.i recomend their album *continents" a classic masterpiece!!!!

Dino a dit…

Hi, i am lo-fi electronic.
I have just released my first album “analogue dreams pt.1”, which is a trip back to
the 80’s italo disco,synth, and electronic music, in the style of Cyber People, Koto,Hipnosis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis.
Check it out!:)