mercredi 18 février 2009

Bruno Spoerri - Iischalte (Switched-on Switzerland) (1974)

Super nice share by teller ! Thank you very much !

A 1974 Spoerri LP full of EMS Synthi 100.

All tracks being covers and/or variations on folklore miousik from Switzerland...........
So its pretty pretty and quite awesome !

A1 Steiner Chilbi
A2 Le Ranz des Vaches
A3 Stägeli Uf, Stägeli Ab
A4 D'Aeschlemer
A5 Dr Rhythmus-Jodel (für d'Bea)
A6 Frohes Wiedersehn

B1 Schäfli-Schottisch
B2 Echo vom Brünig - Bim Edi z'Brienz
B3 Riemestalder Chilbi
B4 Canzoni Ticinese
B5 O Läck Du Mir
B6 La Fanfare du Printemps

nu link (july 2009) HERE

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v ed a dit…

this one sounds interesting! thanks!

khoral a dit…

Soothing stuff!

Likedeeler a dit…

Hi Mr Paul! Any chance to reup this? Regards from Berlin

Likedeeler a dit…

...all set now, found it elsewhere. Thanks for pointing me towards!

dsidler a dit…

OMG I had this record as a boy and I was completely taken away by the sound. I have lost it somehow, so thanks for sharing it!
Amazing stuff indeed, although it sounds a bit Casio these days :-)

An Onym a dit…

can you reup this please ? thanks !!