jeudi 5 février 2009

Michel Legrand - Il Etait Une Fois La Vie (1986)

Now, who's your daddy ?!?

Michel Legrand - 01 - Hymne À La Vie (Chantée Par Sandra Kim)
Michel Legrand - 02 - La Circulation Sanguine
Michel Legrand - 03 - Le Circuit Des Aliments
Michel Legrand - 04 - Le Circuit Des Aliments
Michel Legrand - 05 - Petite Visite Du Corps Humain
Michel Legrand - 06 - Les Plaquettes
Michel Legrand - 07 - Thème Principal - Hymne À La Vie
Michel Legrand - 08 - La Naissance
Michel Legrand - 09 - Les Chaînes De La Vie
Michel Legrand - 10 - Assembler L'ADN
Michel Legrand - 11 - Les Macrophages
Michel Legrand - 12 - Le Coeur
Michel Legrand - 13 - Ainsi Va La Vie
Michel Legrand - 14 - Les Brigades Du Corps
Michel Legrand - 25 - L'oeil
Michel Legrand - 26 - Les Hormones
Michel Legrand - 27 - La Respiration


My rip, tags, eqs, scans.

2 parts : 1 & 2

8 commentaires:

Zohar a dit…

Paul, you're the man!
Thank you so much for sharing this.
You rock!

BluntedBoyWonder a dit…

Oh man, I loved the hell out of this when I was a kid! Merci beaucoup! :D

Anonymous a dit…

Paul, your blog is one of my favourite. You can't even imagine such amount of fine and marvellous music I've known consulting your blog everyday.
I would like to ask you a question: Where can I get the song from Chloediesel "Till death do us part"...I really love that song.

Thank you very much for all...seriously!

Pablo (Málaga - Spain)

Paul Durango a dit…

I don't have it.. it was out of stock.. i'll eventually

E. Martin a dit…

A whole ton of merci beaucop!

timdubois a dit…

Merci poue ma

CarbonMonoxide a dit…

Wow this is awesome! Thanks for putting this up there!

Chris a dit…

I have been looking, and trying to get this cd for over 10 years now but to no avail as no one ever wants to ship it from france to the US or Canada. I am literally in tears right now, tears of joy. Merci, merci, merci, mille fois merci. J'ai grandi en ecoutant les series Il etait une fois et souvent dans ma vie adulte je me surprend a cantoner les trames sonore... ah, merci