vendredi 20 février 2009

Nova - Terranova (1982)

HEAVY AMBIENT ! TOP stuff from the early 80s.

Its fresh.

ripped by Lasse (thank you) / post processed by meself

Quasi-vintage KORG synths exclusive : Korg M 500, Korg Sigma, Korg MS 20 (4x), Korg MS10 (1x), Korg SQ 10 Sequencer (2x), Korg K 55 Rhythmcomposer (Customised), Korg Monopoly, Korg Polysix, Korg Delta and Korg Vocoder (!)

Here's the associated discogs page.

"3.5 / 5" out of 20 votes..

I'll go with a 4.5

Nova - A1 - Aurora
Nova - A2 - Arrivé
Nova - A3 - Xenos
Nova - A4 - Horizon
Nova - A5 - Terra

Nova - B1 - Sol
Nova - B2 - Clear Up
Nova - B3 - Ariane
Nova - B4 - La Luna
Nova - B5 - Exit

@ 320 + artwork = 98Mb


6 commentaires:

khoral a dit…

Not too sure about the first side, but the second one made my day
Big bisous

Paul Durango a dit…

Big bisous 2

Woody a dit…

Aurora was a number 1 hit in the Netherlands in 1982 !!

Anonymous a dit…

Thank for this post. I'm from Brazil and really love it.

all or nothing book a dit…

Yeah.. cool tracks!

the saucer people a dit…

I have been grooving in zero gravity to the Terra and Reel tracks for a few years now so its cool to finally hear the album in all its 320 glory!

There were a couple of later albums, Quo Vadis in 1983 and The World Of Synthesizers in 1989 (which seems to be made up of 50% cover versions) as well as a few singles...anyone know what the later material is like? I find with a lot of early eighties synth music that its the early music that is the best and the later stuff nearly always seems to go New Age and bland....I hope Nova are an exception to this no doubt biased rule!