jeudi 26 février 2009

Hans Edler - Elektron Kukéso (1971)

bbeeppp tzzziiiooofffiiouuuuuu p p p psssshhhh tatatatatttttaaaaa dddddaaa.

Electronic Music.

Hans Edler - 01 - Jag Sökte Efter Kärlek
Hans Edler - 02 - Långt Bort
Hans Edler - 03 - Vi Hör Ett Skrik
Hans Edler - 04 - Leka Med Ord
Hans Edler - 05 - Romantiken
Hans Edler - 06 - Fattig Man Söker Efter Mat
Hans Edler - 07 - Säg Vad Är Det
Hans Edler - 08 - Oändlig
Hans Edler - 09 - My Third Eye (Bonus)
Hans Edler - 10 - Out Of The Body (Bonus)
Hans Edler - 11 - Miscalculation (Bonus)
Hans Edler - 12 - Lovedust (Bonus)
Hans Edler - 13 - X-1111 (Bonus)
Hans Edler - 14 - Irugubak Basic (Bonus)
Hans Edler - 15 - Ongoing (Bonus)

provided by Lasse! thank you, you ROCK !

51 Mb @ 192 kbps

6 commentaires:

Paul Durango a dit…

ah ah indeed ; i guess this is what you end up with when staying 24/24 in you studio for too long, tweaking knobs like crazy..

khoral a dit…

But he looks a lot like my geography teacher in grade school
How rock and roll

Anonymous a dit…

Oh my! Its like listening to a religious mass at the edge of the world with John Foxx Ultra Voxx sci-fi mooginess and hints of CALDARA A MOOG MASS and PRAYERS FOR A NOON DAY CHURCH by FATHER PAT BERKERY.

Thanks for the specialness :D

Paul Jones a dit…

nice one!

oldskool a dit…

This is VERY unique and VERY good. Thank you VERY much for sharing!

Blogger a dit…

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