vendredi 27 février 2009

[International Music Label] - IML 07 - Jean Claudric - Génériquement Votre

Full rip by Mutha.

Thanks! new, fresh and neva-ripped before stuff. (smooth pop, easy listening..)

64Mb here.

4 commentaires:

sergei95410 a dit…

thanks !!! very good blog

litlgrey a dit…

If I have time later I may what I can do about editing these into individual tracks. One huuuuuuge MP3 can be the devil to work with.

Dj No Breakfast a dit…

Another wonderful share! Thanks to your hard work, it sounds perfectly! Enhanced listening pleasure is always welcome. Thank you.

Anonymous a dit…

Thanks for this great usual you bring great music. I have a question for you:

would you happen to have a recording of the theme from the french TV show , le francophonissime, it was a show in the early 70's I believe