mercredi 5 novembre 2008

VA - Teutonik Disaster (German 80s minimal nu no wave stuff..)

Well well well.. amoogy share you might think..
Well indeed but pretty decent electro tracks in it..
Explorer - Yellow Power
Exkurs - Fakten Sind Terror
Carmen - Schlaraffenland
Scala - Irrsinn In Dub
Bbb - Tag (Munk Edit)
The Tanzdiele - Musikmusikmusik
Schwarze Bewegung - Traumfrau
Die Heteros - Monogamie, Kannibalismus Unserer Zeit
Roter Mund - Mir Dir Allein
Fbc - One Of Them All
Exkurs - Angst
Crazy germans on the loose !
29 tracks / 139 Mb

3 commentaires:

Horatio Hufnagel a dit…

Does anyone have more stuf by Die Chefs or MKK? I need all of their stuff deperately!!

Anonymous a dit…

I have been looking for this since 2003! Thank You!

Jorge Montero aka E150 a dit…

i have the second in vinyl, good sound, shouts from spain!