mercredi 5 novembre 2008

Recent uploads.........

STUFF you could find around by browsing the comments :

up'd by Attax :
[Telemusic] - Sauveur Mallia - Percussions Modernes - Vol. 1

[Orly] - Kaleidoscope N°20
by Double-O-Soul's blog (thx house303)

[Orly] - Jean Dinardo et son groupe les W (Lucky girls - New-Times rock) rules !

[Selected Sound] - SEL 5291 - Klaus Weiss - Abstract Rhythm Textures (2002)
Rip'd & up'd by Devan ! Thx for the hard work !

Re-up'd today by your favourite durango :

[Coloursound] - CS 12 - Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Computer Blossoms
[Coloursound] - CS 13 - Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Industrial Retrospect

[Bruton] - BRL 01 - Various - Auturbine

VA - Compilation - The Music Library Book

.. THX GUYS! ... that could be enough for today huh......

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Anonymous a dit…

Tnx for the reups from Painted On Silence. I got a lot from that blog (especially thrilled about the Stomu Yamash'ta he posted) but I did miss these three.

There was one other Joel Vandroogenbroeck album he posted called "Sunset". Any chance of a reup of that one? Other Coloursound items he had?