vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Eat It Raw - Obscure Japanese Library compilation..

As requested, here's the 'Eat It Raw' compilation.

It features top notch 1968-1973 funk and grooves from some unknown asian friends.
That's REALLY good so I'd recommended it to anyone interested in that sort of thing...

But I REALLY don't know more... found nothing on the web as well....

My private great little blue bird brought me this one a few months ago and then all the track titles and id3v2 tags were completely messed up (<> as you know and most of the time, japanese characters don't appear greatly in our europeean computers..) so i renamed the tracks into 'Track X' patterns..

The whole thing (36 tracks/100Mb) packs 6 tracks from 6 different sources (both 'official' LPs and bootlegs I presume) :

Sukeban Guerrilla
The Spiders Movie Tracks
VA - Gangland War - The World of Akira Kobayashi
VA - Nikkatsu New Action - 1968 to 1971
VA - Nikkatsu New Action - Stray Cat Rock
VA - Teppoudama No Bigaku - The World Of Sadao Nakajima

'Stray Cat Rock' rings a bell ... I'll have to research more...

Anyway, over here for some deep asian grooves!

Feel free to pass the knowledge along in the comments if you can!


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tripmaster a dit…

damn!! that was with the quickness too!! thanks paul!!! i didn't know it this was actually an ultra-vybe sampler, what a surprise this is...i was hoping it was going to be actual instrumental cues intended for old tv/film from japan, but this is equally just as satisfying, thank you!

W Paul Durango a dit…


Anonymous a dit…

Excellent grooves, thanks Paul

Kris a dit…

I'm the one who compiled it a couple of years ago for my old blog scorebabyannex -- and it's still alive! Fantastic. I'm glad that people are still enjoying it.

Paul Durango a dit…

.. well.. THANK YOU Kris!