vendredi 28 novembre 2008

VA - Pulse Series (Soviet Electro.. MEGA RARE & PRECIOUS !)

Now for some FIRST RIPPED EVER Soviet mid 80s Electro !!

Ripped by Mu Tha, you rock ABSOLUTELY !

Those ones are strange.. love'em!
The proper gear is here : Yamaha DX7 & CX5, Roland Jupiter 4 & TR909
It really sounds like 81 or 82..

Here's the transcript of the text from the back of 'Pulse 1' :

Physical exercise to music can greatly help to organise rationally our work and rest. Both musical and human motion rhythms may be classed as 'functionnal', with an essential influence on Man's health and productivity.

The present record is a joint venture of the Melodia sound-recording firm and the USSR Sports Committee, first in a planned series under 'Pulse' heading meant to emphasize the vital importance of physical culture.

'Pulse 1' Of the 'Sports & Music' series is recommended to accompany coaching sessions, sports festivals, competitions and other active recreations.

The series will be sufficiently versatile to adapt to various purposes that music can serve in sports.

The series first disc acquaints the public with electronic music composed with the help of an individual musical computer, for the first time in the USSR.

The scores were created on the display with the subsequent playback on the magnetic tape. The composition is based on suites of contrasting instrumental miniatures.

Whe hope that the joint effort of Melodia and the USSR Sports Committee will promote Soviet electronic in Sports.

Lubov Bogdanova,
International Master of Sports

Who's Lobov Bogdanova ??

ANYWAY, what are you waitin for ?

=== A. Rodionov & B. Tikhomirov - Pulse 1 (1985) ===

A1 - A. Rodionov - Modern Pentathlon, suite - 1 - Catch Up, Computer (cross-country race)
A2 - A. Rodionov - Modern Pentathlon, suite - 2 - Electronic Jockey (horse races)
A3 - A. Rodionov - Modern Pentathlon, suite - 3 - Visiting Neptune (swimming)
A4 - A. Rodionov - Modern Pentathlon, suite - 4 - Gaming Slot Machine (pistol shooting)
A5 - A. Rodionov - Modern Pentathlon, suite - 5 - Baroque (fencing)
B1 - B. Tikhomirov - Musical Sketches, suite - 1 - Marathon
B2 - B. Tikhomirov - Musical Sketches, suite - 2 - Electronic Alarm-Clock
B3 - B. Tikhomirov - Musical Sketches, suite - 3 - Roller-Skating
B4 - B. Tikhomirov - Musical Sketches, suite - 4 - Competition
B5 - B. Tikhomirov - Musical Sketches, suite - 5 - Dance
=> Pulse 1

=== Zigmars Liepins - Pulse 2 (1985) ===

Zigmars Liepins - 01 - Dance 85
Zigmars Liepins - 02 - Shuttle
Zigmars Liepins - 03 - Victoria
Zigmars Liepins - 04 - Rebirth
Zigmars Liepins - 05 - Opus IV
Zigmars Liepins - 06 - Vision
Zigmars Liepins - 07 - Hard Nut To Crack
=> Pulse 2

=== Arsenal - Pulse 3 (1986) ===

Arsenal - 01 - Relay Race
Arsenal - 02 - Rondo
Arsenal - 03 - Festival
Arsenal - 04 - Street Pulse
Arsenal - 05 - Photorobot
Arsenal - 06 - Folk Epic Tale
Arsenal - 07 - Manipulator
Arsenal - 08 - Electronic Organ
=> Pulse 3

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Paul Durango a dit…


mezzomix a dit…

Sounds interesting. Actually sounds like a must-have. I hope it's not too mid-80s sounding. Thank you very much Mr. Durango!

Anonymous a dit…

Fantastic, love the Eastern bloc stuff like this and Zodiac.

Dirkson a dit…

Killer quality dance musique! Clap yer hands!

blx a dit…

Hi! Your blog is great, i read it since about a month and i downloaded some great stuff.. I have one request. I wonder if you have soundtrack from Moog Documentary. Thank you.

Anonymous a dit…

so good paul durango
thank you so much

tim a dit…

the first album is especially insane! thanks for all the great stuff as always :)

Anonymous a dit…

this was just what i needed for my aerobics class!

Dmitri Reyer a dit…

Super massive mega thanks!
I own Pulse 2 and 3 on vinyl - bought them when they came out, but unfortunately those are worn out beyound recognition.

Thanks to you I can enjoy the sound of my early teens!


Anonymous a dit…

Bogdanova is a teacher in hymnastics. This music was used on TV hymnastics programms for youths in the 1980s.

vst a dit…


Datassette suggested me to contact you, and I see you're quite into French, Italian, eastern bloc etc. library music...
I'm looking for a track, I have some samples extracted from an 80s TV show, and that's the only place so far I've heard this track... Can I send you the samples somewhere please? (preferably gmail as I already got it up there)


Blogger a dit…

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