mercredi 19 novembre 2008

Raven Kane & Klaus Netzle - Silicon Valley (1984)

Just in case you like it either crazy germans or 1984....
This LP is labelled Synth-pop on discogs.. The truth is its far too weird to be categorized anywhere..

A1 Silicon Valley (3:42)
A2 Good Ole Office Days (3:58)
A3 The Robot (4:50)
A4 Lost In The City (3:31)
A5 Breakdance-Fever (4:08)
A6 Video Invasion (3:42)

B1 Where Is My Home (4:04)
B2 Magnetic Tension (4:06)
B3 High Tech - Soft Touch (3:29)
B4 Artificial Intelligence (4:09)
B5 Updated (3:42)
B6 Back In Time (2:47)

Supa thx to Dj_Diabolik for this gem (nu link - july 2009)

6 commentaires:

Húndún a dit…

I just discovered this blog and now have about a hundred moog albums to listen to. Thank you.

ScarySpice a dit…

that album is sick!!!

Paul Durango a dit…

Just click on 'this one' at the end of the posts text where it says 'Supa thx to Dj_Diabolik for this one!'

Anonymous a dit…

Paul, the link says that nobody can DL the album again because it's locked. Help?!

Anonymous a dit…

Thanks, Durango for the link. still works, just listening. Very interesting, still don't know whether i like it or not. Cosmic, theatralic - i guess i'm going to not like the voice, but the music is really cool...

Anthony a dit…

Wow, this is just about one of the best albums I have ever heard. Its so wonderfully weird and out there. So lyrically obsessed with electronics. I really wish there was more of this material out there.