vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Magma - Kobaïa (1970)

Perhaps one of the first MAJOR french prog rock LP ever.. well.. that's a double LP actually..

That's MAGMA, that's really awesome.

And that's very much superbly encoded and taged as well..

Magma - A1 - Kobaïa
Magma - A2 - Aïna
Magma - A3 - Malaria
Magma - B1 - Sohïa
Magma - B2 - Sckxyss
Magma - B3 - Auraë
Magma - C1 - Thaud Zaia
Magma - C2 - Naü Ektila
Magma - D1 - Stöah
Magma - D2 - Mûh

Zeuhl here and here to know more!

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Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta a dit…

fantastic post, thank you

peskypesky a dit…

Very nice. Thank you for this!

brian a dit…

thank you for posting this!

Roger a dit…

Thanks for posting this. Magma are superb.