lundi 25 août 2008

[Sonimage] - SI 801 - Jean-Michel Lorgère - Distortions Pop


A1 Diodo
A2 Metamorphosis
A3 Microchaos
A4 Compression
A5 Equilibrium
B1 Dipnoï
B2 Distillation
B3 Violence
B4 Equivalence
B5 Psycho-Nébuleux

78 Mb @ 320 kbps

8 commentaires:

plumBum a dit…

Alright, I downloaded it and it is the same as the Blue Phantom album. How bizarre. I wonder who came first, and if this was just an opportunistic UK bootleg of the Lorgère recordings.

archigram a dit…

As was the case with numerous library albums, many were licensed to other labels with different covers, titles, and often with the artists under a different alias. I don't think there was much library "bootlegging" in the past, particularly by a label with stature, such as Sonimage.

crateman302 a dit…

Heard this on some mTV commercial which current group used the main riff from the tune microchaos?

Anonymous a dit…

There are moment when these Distortions tracks sound slightly cleaner the Blue Phantom tracks, but it's generally a toss-up.

The only big difference between the two is that the stereo channels are flipped between the two; you can tell this very clearly from listening to the opening of "Compression." Perhaps the way they transferred from LP? Or major the original LPs had flipped channels?

dom a dit…

This record sounds very much like Black Sabbath..."Distillation" copies "War Pigs", it even has the air raid siren

sweetbeats a dit…

I love this...super geetar licks !!!
Fuzzier than a Bears Backside !! Diodo is immense!

sweetbeats a dit…

Microchaos intro is so as cucumber :)

PYITE a dit…

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