lundi 11 août 2008

CBS 65 588 (Chronoscopie Sonore) - Pierre Arvay - Cross Through Yesterday And Present Day (1973)

Very nice tourmented quiet jazzy stuff.
Musique Originale de Pierre Arvay
Directeur musical : Louis Delacour
Production : Gérard Tournier
M. Lacrouts, Violoncelle
E. Mayousse, Hautbois
G. Perotin, Timbalier
R. Simon, Saxophone
R. Jimenes & F. Lemaguer, Guitares
Pierre Arvay - A1 - Last Night
Pierre Arvay - A2 - Footing
Pierre Arvay - A3 - Mauve Mist
Pierre Arvay - A4 - Par Un Matin D'automne
Pierre Arvay - A5 - Par Un Jour De Fête
Pierre Arvay - A6 - Preambulum
Pierre Arvay - B1 - Los Desterrados
Pierre Arvay - B2 - Pre Bach
Pierre Arvay - B3 - Le Miroir De Viviane
Pierre Arvay - B4 - Quand Je T'aurai Dit
Pierre Arvay - B5 - En Ce Temps-Là
68 Mb @ 256 kbps

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Bob a dit…

thank you very much!

Dirkson a dit…

Nice one. Thanks!

dirkson a dit…

Cool Tripmaster!

crateman302 a dit…

Thanks for the great lp's i have a few to share myself and was just curious what type of ripping software do u use for getting ur wax into mp3?

IR e L a IXI a dit…

have you guys tried Serato?

4th Assassin a dit…

Any chance for a reup?

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