lundi 25 août 2008

[CAM] - CAM 108 - Alan Feanch - Inseguimento Notte Moderno

As requested.

01 - Alan Feanch - Drunk Man Ballad
02 - Alan Feanch - Horse And Duke
03 - Alan Feanch - Flowers Raimbow
04 - Alan Feanch - Stay Silent
05 - Alan Feanch - Brother's John
06 - Alan Feanch - Stone Bridge
07 - Alan Feanch - Rythm And Sax
08 - Alan Feanch - Billy Song
09 - Alan Feanch - War Remenber
10 - Alan Feanch - Fresh And Easy
11 - Alan Feanch - Dream Racer Road
12 - Alan Feanch - Wood Pictures
13 - Alan Feanch - Crazy Sincerity

Another great CAM release. Jazzy.

83 Mb

3 commentaires:

Frédérick a dit…

After having listened to this album, I must say that it doesn't sound like Daniel White at all ! Strange ! The notes included in the download mentions that Feanch was a pseudonym for another musician. Maybe it was a collective pseudonym, as it is seen from time to time !

Zer0_II a dit…

While doing some research for this release I discovered that Mike Baroty and Dan Sleepers are also credited as composers on this release. I was hoping that someone could shed some light on this issue. I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to tagging all of my audio files, and it would be great if I could tag each track with the appropriate composer behind the music. If anyone can help me out regarding this matter could you please send me an e-mail message to:

dot com

Simon666 a dit…

Thanks for this!