lundi 11 août 2008

Pierre Laurency (& Joël Fajerman) - Terre de Feu (1979)

Recommended dark ambient by Pierre Laurency.
Features 2 nice (short) exclusive tracks from Joël Fajerman.
I don't know much about this Sign label, the cover doesn't give any info......
A1 - Pierre Laurency - Désolation
A2 - Pierre Laurency - Anxiété
A3 - Joël Fajerman - Pas
A4 - Pierre Laurency - Austral
A5 - Pierre Laurency - Des Pas Dans La Brume
A6 - Pierre Laurency - Mecanic - Mécanique
A7 - Joël Fajerman - Malaisie
B1 - Pierre Laurency - Spleen
B2 - Pierre Laurency - Au Delà De La Terre
B3 - Pierre Laurency - Espaces Inconnus
B4 - Pierre Laurency - Vers Ushuaia
B5 - Pierre Laurency - Dialogue Dans L'espace
B6 - Pierre Laurency - Terre De Feu
82 Mb @ 320 kbps

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merijn a dit…

synthesizers! thank you for this...

archigram a dit…

This is really cool, thanks!

TBA a dit…

wow! what a cool site! Any chance you've got Moshe Mouse by Michel Magne?

Michael a dit…

Thank you very much!

BeerNinja a dit…

This is good! THX!

Paul Durango a dit…

@ Dirkson : thx for the links ; is on fire indeed nowadays! nice nice stuff as usual!

@ Maestro : thx for the knowledge regarding Gary's request!
And i'll see what i can do for yours but now we're talking about the serious R.A.R.E stuff ;-)

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raremarc a dit…

hello, welcome from your (blog) vacations, I hope you enjoy the real and free time with or without music. but now, you are our! haha

today I only want to say: such a great blog man, your taste is so good. happy to have you back :)

Anonymous a dit…

Cheers for the music, this is a really cool site!!!

Solomon a dit…

Thank you.