mercredi 27 août 2008

7 nu KPMs, thank you very much

KPM 1052 - Christmas Party:
KPM 1073 - Contemporary Guitar:
KPM 1087 - Technical Standpoint/The Spice of Life:
KPM 1092 - Today's Achievements-Topical Events:
KPM 1093 - The World of Johnny Scott:
KPM 1109 - The Magic of Bouchety:

All goodies, all well encoded and tagged !
You rock.

And another one from colonel-in-chief devan :

KPM 1014 - David Lee - All That Jazz (1967)


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tbirddmnd a dit…

<< And to think I'm writing this while being only a few doors down from KPM! >>

Way cool, I'm going to send Paul some more KPMs to post up so be on the lookout!


Paul Durango a dit…

I think we're cool.

cheeba a dit…


Anonymous a dit…

woooooooooo thanks dude

The King of Jingaling a dit…

Great! I'd love any more Christmas music you might have.