jeudi 21 janvier 2010

Standard Music Library - ESL 123 - VA - Small Group Pop

What can I say ?


Never digitalized before top-notch LP

A1 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Harry Who
A2 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Scout Master
A3 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Bad Manners
A4 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Notions
A5 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Sly
A6 - Clive Hicks - Happy Wah Wah
A7 - Vic Flick - Tree Leaf

B1 - M. Kershaw - Margo's Dilemma
B2 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Bandy Cowboy
B3 - Vic Flick - Airstream
B4 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Show Us
B5 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Challenge Match
B6 - H. Flowers & R. Coulam - Big Ned
B7 - C. Spedding - Battle Of Boogaloo
B8 - J. Lawless - Arkala
B9 - S. Grey - Stum

79Mb / 320kbps / scans / tags / EVERYTHING --



9 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

HE-HO Let's go! :)

delerious1 a dit…

I'm here litlgrey, i hear you from way over there, and i see who that is above me as well, HE-HO LET'S GO! ROCK COMEDY!

Thanks Paul.. :-)

alphabet a dit…

Oh shit!!! Can't wait to check this, I haven't heard a bad record from standard, thanks delerious and mr. durango.

Anonymous a dit…

What a great resource!

Anonymous a dit…

Keep on posting such stories. I love to read stories like this. BTW add some pics :)

topo. a dit…

Thanks you very much.

Dj No Breakfast a dit…

i can't manage to download from this site "page temporary unailable"... (and it was the same for the KPM album). please be kind enough and give us another download link. Thanks.

Anonymous a dit…

superb album thanks very much

Dj No Breakfast a dit…

thanks a lot ...