jeudi 28 janvier 2010

John Saunders - Slipstream (1978)

Another gem by DELIRIOUS.

The album of the month.. easy.

Drums, synths.. popesque.

John Saunders - A1 - Sky Train
John Saunders - A2 - Magpie
John Saunders - A3 - Mirrors
John Saunders - A4 - Sniggers
John Saunders - A5 - Gamma
John Saunders - A6 - Spink
John Saunders - A7 - Free As A Bird
John Saunders - A8 - Leapfrog

John Saunders - B1 - Breakout
John Saunders - B2 - Special Day
John Saunders - B3 - Zenith
John Saunders - B4 - Pongle
John Saunders - B5 - Fish Finger
John Saunders - B6 - Four Eyes
John Saunders - B7 - Slipstream
John Saunders - B8 - Prisms

SIDE A / SIDE B 320 kbps + art

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Anonymous a dit…


litlgrey a dit…

Delelrious passed this to me directly, but thanks for cropping out the area around his front cover photo... saves me the trouble.

delerious1 a dit…

Thanks Paul for the post, and thanks Vinyl Room and litlgrey, Glad you are enjoying it as much as i do.

Anonymous a dit…

request: flashpoint on de wolfe.

Edward a dit…

Love this!

Thanks for sharing it.

Dirkson a dit…

Rocks my socks off!

Dale Varnson a dit…

I wish these files were upload somewhere other than rapidshare. Rapidshare downloads always stall for me!

Benedicto De Anusim a dit…

Agree with Dale. Impossible to download, rapidshare's gone. I love the stuff in this blog. Nigel