samedi 16 janvier 2010

Kraftwerk 1 & 2

I don't really think I need to introduce them............

Kraftwerk 1
A1 - Ruckzuck
A2 - Stratovarius
B1 - Megaherz
B2 - Vom Himmel Hoch

Kraftwerk 2
A1 - Klingklang
A2 - Atem
B1 - Strom
B2 - Spule
B3 - Wellenlänge
B4 - Harmonika

(resp 1970 & 1972 --> the good prog before the synthpop)

6 commentaires:

Deuce a dit…

Much thanks Paul!

Jessica a dit…

I'm trying to find a copy of the first Kraftwerk album in with cover and vinyl both in mint or near-mint condition... would you happen to know where I might find one? Thanks!

Anonymous a dit…

does anyone know a moog version of The Mohawks "Champ"

Sinister Pete a dit…

Paul I think this is singularly the best blog I've ever seen! What you are doing is stunning, how do you find the time? I was looking to contact you because I have a couple of additions for your Moog Music Museum but have no idea how I can other than this comment.

EclecticMuzikMan a dit…

Ruckzuck is godhead.

Boggins a dit…

Many thanks. :)