jeudi 14 janvier 2010

[Montparnasse 2000] - MP 52 - Hilario Sanchez - Vibraphonie // A NEW MP !

Brought by Charlie from here's an exclusive Montparnasse!

Vibraphone time.

Hilario Sanchez - A1 - Bossa Noche
Hilario Sanchez - A2 - Hilario's Flamenco
Hilario Sanchez - A3 - Papillotte
Hilario Sanchez - A4 - Mamadousismo
Hilario Sanchez - A5 - Nez De Clown
Hilario Sanchez - A6 - Toile D'araignée

Hilario Sanchez - B1 - S'il Vous Please
Hilario Sanchez - B2 - Carolsmania
Hilario Sanchez - B3 - Viva Cuernavaca
Hilario Sanchez - B4 - Flux Et Reflux
Hilario Sanchez - B5 - Petit Moulin A Poivre
Hilario Sanchez - B6 - Free Canon


6 commentaires:

Bill a dit…

Looks good! Thank you.

Simon666 a dit…

Thanks for this!

petruccelli a dit…

originally. thank you

alphabet a dit…

I'm lovin everything on MP, it is surely becoming my fave library label. Thanks for the post

Roper a dit…

I'm loving the library posts. I have a couple requests I'm hoping you can help me out with.

Bruton Music - James Asher - Gyroscope
I can't find this one anywhere online! I read about it in a feature in Wax Poetics by DJ Frane and it sounds awesome.

James Saunders stuff - you recommended him a while back and I haven't been able to find it.

Also, if you have any recommendations, I'm really into the library music that is beat/groove based, with wah-wah guitars and basslines. More of the blaxploitation sound. Any advice on what to check out?

Or stuff that sounds more spacey disco sounding, italo/cosmic disco type stuff.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


Jorge a dit…

I just found it but, for my bad luck, the arvhive had expired. Can you reupload the Lp. Thank you and greetings from Tijuana, México.