mardi 9 juin 2009

Roger Roger, Nino Nardini, Michel Gonet, Georges Rodi & Dave Sarkys - Super Flash (1982)


this LP consists of TONS of short cues..
It's labelled 1982 but sounds more like 1975-1976..

Absolute gem!

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alphabet a dit…

muchas gracias, amigo!!

Anonymous a dit…

Very nice! Goes great as random radio transmissions while traveling the wasteland in FALLOUT 3. Thanks Paul Durango for another wonderful library from a long ago age.


Zer0_II a dit…

Thank you Paul. I have a version of this with only 12 tracks. Someone combined the individual tracks to each suite. Call me crazy but I would prefer to have all of the short cues.

On a side note, I just wanted to say that it was sad to see both 36-15 Moog and The Library Hunt go. While searching for a few library LPs I regularly encountered search results from both blogs. It made me realize just how valuable of a resource both of them were.

Do you plan to import every single post from both of them to this blog? If so, that would be great. It would be real shame if even one post from either blog was lost. If it's not too much trouble I was hoping you could tell me how you are importing the posts. I've considered opening a new blog, and there are a few posts that I would like to import.

Take care,

Paul Durango a dit…

It's pretty straightforward really ; just export the blog in .xml format (parameters > general > export)

then import it on the new blog (parameters > general > import)

it takes only a few seconds.

yes I think everything is migrated now.