dimanche 7 juin 2009

librarymusicrarities.blogspot.com => REUPLOADS !

Earlier this week I talk to you about the wonderful new blog librarymusicrarities.blogspot.com

Unfortunately, all the links are down right now.. (a f* hater maybe ?)

I re-uploaded most of them.


.. and bookmark his blog since i'm pretty sure the current 'offline situation' is just a kink in a vintage library fury barnum to come !

Quadriga - VA - Q1
(brassy popesque very rare stuff)

Quadriga - VA - Q2
(Peter Jacques, Lanzerot, Frank Marbert.. GERMAN GROOVES!)

[Peer International] - PIL 9028 - The Music Factory - Scoop (1975)
(Ô THE GROOVES! Clive Hicks, John Fiddy, Terry Cox..)

[Bruton] - BRG 21 - Keith Roberts & Dave Gold - Bold As Brass (1982)
(AHH! The 1982 vintage library music! AHHH!)

Everything's retagged, renamed, cover assigned, reequalized ... "PROCESSED" by meself.

Enjoy !

9 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

you are superman bro coming to the rescue once again a massive thx!!! was wondering if anyone had the themes international tim1015 james clarke mystery movie many thx in advance!!!

Anonymous a dit…

wow thank you so much

Anonymous a dit…

wow thank you so much

Anonymous a dit…

thank u so much

aceha1 a dit…

Oh man, thank you Paul.... And many many thanks to the original ripper... bookmarked!!

alphabet a dit…

Thanks!!! I was pissed I missed those quadrigo lp's, but once again you have come to the rescue!!!

Eric Nord a dit…

holy crap. it's a miracle!

Budd a dit…

A real musical treat! Many thanks!!

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