jeudi 4 juin 2009

Corviria - Psyco Analysis (Squirrel SQLP 20015)

As requested...

Corviria - 01 - Paranoia
Corviria - 02 - Psiche
Corviria - 03 - Ombre
Corviria - 12 - Passi
Corviria - 13 - Gorgo
Corviria - 14 - Seagull Song

On the very obscure Squirrel records out of Italy (home of the famed Accadde a library). This one is psychotic space sound with an insane vintage drum machine + electronics track called seagull song. Very moody music diagraming in sound the various pathologies of mental illness. Who is the mysterious person behind this record ? My guess is it is Daniela Casa (based on sound) but could be just about anyone. If anyone has any tips on who this might be please share them!

=> Thx to original uploader!

=> Thx to Dirkson for the re-up'd


2 commentaires:

alphabet a dit…

thank ya, thank ya, thank ya!!!!

Anonymous a dit…

Oh my goodness this is WONDERFUL in its moods of the mind recorded once in time to be played..experianced over and over yet never the same again.

These two last uploads this and ELECKTRIKUS are sheer audio masterpieces Mr.Paul Durango :)I cant believe my ears have heard such sounds. This must be what Fabio feels like when he says I cant believe its not butter :D

These also blend in and enhance the great music of FALLOUT 3 by Inon Zur so well that i actually moved all the other moog music i have in the game temporarily just to hear these two fantastic albums alongside the music of FALLOUT 3.

Thanks alot Paul Durango! You are amazing but you already know that dont you :D