mardi 21 octobre 2008

Eberhard Schoener => 2 LPs

It's from GERMANY.
It's Krautesque / Progresque / Popesque
Many thanks to Marc for those !
A1. Octagon
A2. Speech behind Speech
A3. Natural High
A4. Code-Word Elvis
B1. Video-Magic
B2. Night Bound City
B3. San Francisco Waitress
B4. Koan
01. Radiant Women
02. The nine lives of a cat
03. Gramercy Park Hotel
04. Da-Da
05. Voyage
06. Take the Zoom
07. Time Square
08. Ich Schau' ins Licht
I'd recommend to listen to those in chronological order..
Last track from Video-Magic (Koan) is absolutely super.
And Time Square is an exclusive rip (never digitalized before i think..)
Enjoy !

12 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

Thanks for the Eberhard Schoener material. Any chance for his "Bon Voyage" album?


Anonymous a dit…

Thanks a lot for the video magic album.
Long time ago i had the album.
Keep up your beautiful and interesting site
Thanx from Rob

Anonymous a dit…

Yes, Bon Voyage would be the icing on the cake. It's still the only Schoener lp I'm unable to find anywhere (including p2p sources).

Paul Durango a dit…

Sounds like a great challenge.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta a dit…

video magic contain 3 magic tracks, and "koan" is a fantastic trip towards cosmic lands.
thank you
I remember people used to go crazy when baldelli played that track at the end of the nightcosmicparty.
thank you

Anonymous a dit…

Thank you Mr Paul Durango. As always you bring the essence of greatness in all things mooging moving the inner spirits to places beyond outside.


Solomon a dit…

Thank you.

Anonymous a dit…

thanx so much for sharing these magickal gems!

Anonymous a dit…

thanks a lot moog,
well, it´s not Schoener´s "Time Square" that´s newly ripped for the blogs, but probably "Video Magic"... It´s very hard to find.

nice to see you continuing blogging:

Anonymous a dit…

Thanks for "Time Square". I had the vinyl years ago and it was like an old friend coming back for a visit. It's better than I remembered.

The Eberhard Schoener albums I am still looking for are:

The Book
A Day's Lullaby
Bon Voyage

Any help on any of these would be great. The Book would be the best of the lot.

Anonymous a dit…

Is that Sting singing on "San Francisco Waitress"????

Anonymous a dit…

This is the record where Sting met Andy Summers - both were working as session musicians (Sting moonlighting while a teacher). So we have it to thank for the Police...