vendredi 10 octobre 2008

[Chappell] - CHAP AV 002 - Wolfgang Kafer, Ib Glindemann & Kim Holst - Four Suites (1984)

Another exclusive one !
A1 - Heatseeker by Wolfgang Kafer
Contemporary electronic theme with dynamic drum and percussion passages.
Main theme mood is agressive and forceful with softer and more dramatic variations throughout.
A2 - Hotline by Ib Glindemann
Expansive theme featuring strident brass and strings. Main mood is driving and assertive with an open U.S. feel. (??)
B1 - Heatwave by Wolfgang Kafer
Bright, happy theme with use of popular contemporary instruments and added colour from strings and brass. Punchy, disco rhythm creates a positive, 'good to be alive' feel.
B2 - Heat of the Night by Kim Holst
Laid-back, jazz funk theme with synthesiser lead and strong rhythm support. Light, relaxed melody gives an atmosphere of well being and contentment.
Each suite contains an opening, closing and main theme, with variations of different lenghts and tempi according to the following pattern :
Opening (~ 30')
Main theme (2'00)
Closing (30')
Dramatic/Forceful (1'40)
Light/Soft (1'20)
Jingle A (30')
Jingle B (1'00)
Bridge (30')
Link (15')
Sting (5')
80 Mb @ 320 kbps

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the saucer people a dit…

Hey Paul

Is there any chance of you reposting the 'Wolfgang Kafer, Ib Glindemann & Kim Holst - Four Suites' album from 1984 on Chappell? I just came across the 'Heatwave' Suite track (presumably from this rip)and its just blown me away...just been to Discogs and it seems this album is totally unknown with 1 owner and 1 person wanting it!

None of the other library blogs have ever posted it as far as I can tell so a repost is well in order I think...if the rest of the tracks are as good as Heatwave then its going to be one hell of an album...though following the library record rules there should be at least one terrible track!

Muff Diver a dit…

Seconded on the reposting request.

Don't Taze Me, Bro!