vendredi 23 mai 2008

Waylon - The Sparrow (1979)

La face B de Crème de la Crème.
Woooh yeah yeahHeeeeeeeKidnapped the girlHeeee-eeHeee-eeHeeee-ee-eeeeeeeeeeHe was lovedBy everybodyHeee the old manHe felt he could sing through the floorWhen people called him the sparrowHeeeeeee kidnapped the girlHeeee-ee-eeeeeeeeheeKidnapped the girlHeeeeeeheeeThe girl was still in her teensYeah John Flemming's daughterAnd heeeeeeeThe manWith the little mind was gonna showThat he was a real real reaaaaaeaeal manHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeKidnapped the girl, yes he didHeeeeeeee-eeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeheePeople knewHeMeantToMurder heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrhhhThe sparrooooowHeeeeeheeheeeKidnapped the girlYes he didYeaaheeeeee-eeee-eeeeee-eeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeShe wouhouldHave been killedIf the crowdHad'nt disc(overe)'d itIt doesMuch to himHe couldn't show themHe was a realReal real real real realReaheaheal manHeeeee-eeheeheeeeeKidnapped the girlHeehee-eeeeeeee-ee-eeeeheee-eeeee-eeee yeahShe says he was aaaalwaysTalking'boutSparrowsThe sparrowHeee he he heKidnapped the girlHeeee-eee-eeeHeee-ee-eeheeeeeeeeeeeeKidnapped the girlHeeeeWoohoohohhhhooh…

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Anonymous a dit…

I love the very interesting vocal on this track , thank you.