lundi 26 mai 2008

Giampiero Boneschi - A New Voice

Incredible italian synth & vocal fields.
Not a moog LP at all. But an excellent LP anyway.
Tracks from Giampiero Boneschi on Barry 7's Connectors Vol. 2
01 - Prologue
02 - Intimate
03 - Retiredly
04 - Stimulating Strip
05 - Cosmogony
06 - Obanah-Nah
07 - Fondness
08 - By This Time
09 - Enthusiasm
10 - Meditative
11 - Serenely
12 - Upshot
38 Mo @ 192 kbps

5 commentaires:

litlgrey a dit…

I don't know where that CAM cover art came from, but it can't possibly be real. It's populated throughout the internet - including at sites such as rateyourmusic - and is kind of a testament to shoddy internet research. Unfortunately, CAM itself is no help in matters like this either.
Too bad because these are compelling tracks! Also check out the Boneschi Electronic Combo on British Chappell.

Ben Marriage a dit…

Thank you again, Paul! For your work. I am always excited to check your blog(s)....

Anonymous a dit…

Re: "shoddy internet research", I believe that the image that exists was a scan of a CD-R that had been sold by a vendor named "Diamond Jack" or somesuch back 4-5 years ago. Of course it is not the artwork of the exact vinyl issue of the release, but if you own the thing, feel free to scan and upload to RYM and it will get approved.

archigram a dit…

I originally posted this album on my "Voltage Controlled Technicolor" blog a few years ago. Yes, it's from the cover of a bootleg by Jack Diamond, but considering how many seemingly dozens of CAM releases Boneschi made, it's quite tough tracking down a "real" cover for this particular release, which I believe was from the "New Sensations in Sound" series. I think you can get the idea with this cover, as it more or less represents the CAM aesthetic.

I think it can still be enjoyed without the exact cover in which the original record came. This is the internet, after all. It's not like you're purchasing a copy with the wrong cover.

Delirium a dit…

can you reUp please?