jeudi 22 mai 2008

Marty Gold - Moog Plays The Beatles

Now, we're talking.
01 - Eleanor Rigby
02 - Norwegian Wood
03 - Day Tripper
04 - Yesterday
05 - Get Back
06 - Penny Lane
07 - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
08 - Michelle
09 - Hey Jude
10 - In My Life
11 - The Fool on the Hill
12 - Good Night
74Mo @ 320 kbps.

7 commentaires:

The Purist a dit…

the link to this gem isnt working mate.

Paul Durango a dit…

the link seems to work.

khoral a dit…

Got it! Thanks
Some of it is really wrong, but some gems for sure
The "In my life" cover for instance is dreamy

Bill a dit…

Thanks so much for this. I'm embarrassed to admit this this was my first experience of the Beatles' music. Horridly uncool, but it still holds some nostalgia for me - especially the memory of that cool blue oval on the label going around.

Steve JAMES a dit…

I have the oiginal LP which I bought in 1968 if you could make use of the unadulterated LP cover? I take it that the image that you have published here is of a 'censored' version printed especially for the puritanical United states of America?

CraterTech a dit…

Super cheeze, but still a DOA link :(

grief trumpet a dit…

new link please please please!