jeudi 29 mai 2008

Joël Fajerman - La Aventura de las Plantas / L'Aventure Des Plantes (1979)

I wanted to listen to the soundtrack of the french tv serie 'L'Aventure des Plantes' for years..
Full of vintage synths, very very very nice ambient.
It's currently online at
Top share. Bravo.

3 commentaires:

w°w a dit…

Bonne crèmerie en effet, merci !

ZzzZzz a dit…

Thank you thank you thank you...
This is my new favorite blog.
It's incredible!
As for your requests - almost everything can be found on soulseek. But it's half the fun to just go on there I guess.
I prefer music blogs!

unclediss a dit…

Amazing album, thank you... Any other albums from this genius?