jeudi 19 novembre 2009

VA - Lunar Probe (1967) la musique du cosmos

Re-upD by Litlgrey, ripped by paintedonsilence

01 Départ Fusée [C. Vasori]
02 Industrie Spatiale [R. Hermel]
03 Tital [F. Bayle]
04 Espace Chromatique [C. Vasori]
05 Andromède [F. Bayle]
06 Apesanteur [R. Hermel]
07 Alchemie Rhythmique [P. Sciortino]
08 Ville Sans Vie [P. Sciortino]
09 Abimes Souterrains [P. Sciortino]
10 Danger Sous Roche [P. Sciortino]
11 Approche Dramatique [P. Sciortino]
12 Hostilité [P. Sciortino]
13 Tumulte [P. Sciortino]

There isn't any download link unfortunately.


6 commentaires:

litlgrey a dit…

Nope! Can't be downloaded anywhere!

noelakadjtambour a dit…


Henry a dit…

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Manu a dit…

Anyone this lp ripped ??

Anonymous a dit…

ce que je cherchais, merci

xuhlma a dit…

A tough request: "Arcana" by Romolo Grano...