vendredi 13 novembre 2009

Piero Umiliani --> the super stuff from the Omicron label

Genti e Paesi Del Mondo was just ripped and released by the ITALIAN CDR ARMY (a B.I.G. thank you) so i take the opportunity to upload everything I have from the Omicron label..

All those LPs are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED since Umiliani can easy be considered as one of the greatest italian composer of the 60s-70s. 'nuf said!

And check out this page => if you have some of those gems in your possession, well RIP'EM HIGH !


RELAX (1975)


They look great. I bet they sound terrrrrific.


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litlgrey a dit…

Look at this incredible bounty! I am flabbergasted!

Paul Durango a dit…


J-Unit 1 a dit…

Amazing! I LOOOVE Piero Umiliani! Thanks so much for your great work.

J-Unit 1

Micke a dit…


Wow, thanks a million for this rarity. Great stuff!

I wish Giombini's electronic score to "Anthropopagus" (aka The Grim Reaper, 1980) was available on Lp or CD.

Andy a dit…

It never ceases to flabbergast me to listen to an album by someone I've never heard of, love it, then discover that they've made tons of albums just like it. Hooray Piero! Thank you so much for your great blog Mr. Durango!

litlgrey a dit…

In Umiliani's case, "tons" is right!

Versione beta di me a dit…


jesusandrew a dit…

If you're still looking for L'Uomo Nello Spazio:

Thanks for posting these!