mardi 17 novembre 2009

V => the soundtracks

V - The First Mini-Series (1983, Joe Harnell)

V - The Final Battle (1984, Dennis McCarthy)
includes Barry De Vorzon main theme

V - The Series (1984-1985, Dennis McCarthy)

I just took a look at the remake (first two eps) and found it OK (for now!)

Even if the casting directions are pretty lame (not the acting, only the casting.. => replace the viking tv reporter by a FBI woman agent, replace the 'girl falling in love with a V' by a 'boy falling in love with a V' .. and we miss (for now?) a bunch of great characters of the original series as well..), the concept remains the same and the few additions to it are pretty decent.. (I guess I can't talk about it without spoilers so let's forget about it.............)

Those scores are imo ***/***** :
Some really great tracks, some so-so ones, some 'classic/not-that-interesting' ones..

Anyway.. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy some.........


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the saucer people a dit…

A wonderful and timely post in the light of the current "V" re-model. I must admit, I did approach the new series with some trepidation as most contempory remakes of classic seventies/eighties films and TV series are but pale dumbed down shadows of the originals (except for the Battlestar Galactica remake which in my opinion is up there with Lost as a contender for the greatest TV series of the C21st so far).
Having watched the first three episodes of the new 'V', I was pleasantly shocked, its pretty damned good! The 'Childhood's End' crafts over major cities scenes were incredible, yet the usual style over substance approach to current film-making where CGI is God and narrative an after thought was happily missing an the multiple storylines were engaging.
Anyway, I digress..thanks so much for the audio and I had no idea that Barry de Vorzen of Warriors fame was responsible for some of the music, as you rightly say,its a mixed bag, but lets face it, most soundtracks are!

racing seat a dit…

Yes i agree with you there. The original version is always way better than the remake!

KRAVEN a dit…

Greet and congratulate the excellent publication of the soundtrack of the TV miniseries "V Visitors 1983", please kindly upload these fantastic new soundtracks.

I appreciate your kind help, attention and prompt reply.