lundi 26 octobre 2009

Joël Fajerman - L'Aventure Des Plantes (1979) [EAC-FLAC] !! THE REAL DEAL !!

Forget about the 128kbps rip.

Today I give you FLAC powa.

It's 215Mb (vs. 35Mb for the 128 k mp3s..)

Since 'L'Aventure Des Plantes' might be one the greatest late 70s-early 80s ambient LP EVER, it's super highly recommended to grab it.

I'm not a FLAC-FREAK meself but i'm REALLY up to make an exception for this one !

Joël Fajerman - 01 - Flowers Of Love
Joël Fajerman - 02 - Ma Forêt
Joël Fajerman - 03 - Racines Synthétiques
Joël Fajerman - 04 - Rose Des Sables
Joël Fajerman - 05 - Painted Desert
Joël Fajerman - 06 - Réminiscences
Joël Fajerman - 07 - Levantines
Joël Fajerman - 08 - Incantation
Joël Fajerman - 09 - Plage De Lune
Joël Fajerman - 10 - Sirocco
Joël Fajerman - 11 - Strings

part 1 / part 2 / part 3

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klockwerk a dit…

Yaaa WHOOOOOOooooooooo

Paul Durango a dit…

eheh always nice reading your comments Hellbishop sir!

Fallout 3 is great but a bit too much RPG for me ; I spent 30-40 hours on Borderlands (very) recently and quite love it.. It's way more FPS than Fall Out but with a touch of RPG..
quite flawless in its own unique genre and great fun!

music sounds like the one from LOST series and does its job.. try it, you may like it!!

Anonymous a dit…

Funny you should mention BORDERLANDS i just finished writing a player review on it before coming here :D

I've been playing BORDERLANDS all week and the run and gun fps shooter with a comic book style is fun but being a major fan of monsters and bad guys i wish they had put more variety in it like the PAINKILLER series and recent NECROVISION did. Am hoping for a patch but til then its back to HELLGATE LONDON for the variety.

Yes the music in BORDERLANDS is very good and a nice change to alot of the classical style in other games which i also love and surprised it caught on so well since 2002.

Thanks for the recommendation and hope your Halloween is going great with a warm view of joyful children trick or treating reminding one of ones own youth :D


Let's Face The Music and Dance a dit…

Thanks so much

Anonymous a dit…

Thanks for the albums. Sounds very interesting.

rey-cardo a dit…

Thank you very much for this record, that I have been searching for a long time. I own it in vinyl but I cannot listen to it.

The single from this record (who was the main theme of TV series "L'aventure des plantes") had as B-side the instrumental piece "Holiday village". This splendid song has never been released on CD. I own it also in vinyl.

Please can anybody help me to find it, in the best quality possible? I would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Micke a dit…

Thank you so much Durango for posting this wonderful electronic album in FLAC :)

From what I understand only the first track was composed for the TV-series "L'Aventures Des Plantes".
The other tracks appear to have been culled from Joel Fajerman's previous albums. I don't know whether any of them were actually used in the series.

Anonymous a dit…

thanks for the flac

Arman s a dit…

thanks, great!