mardi 13 octobre 2009

do you know this movie poster ?

I'd need the title of this movie.. (for a quiz.. that's the only one I can't find ;-) )
Title has been blurred on purpose..
There's a big boat on the right and what appears to be a mansion on the left.. some blood on the middle..

Gimme the right title and i'll post a s*itload of forgotten french stuff tomorrow.

Fair deal huh ?

EDIT : thank you S.E.B., thank anonymous.

It's La Lune Dans le Caniveau

Prepare yourself for a massive upload tomorrow. S*E*B

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Anonymous a dit…

La lune dans le caniveau de J-J Beineix, peut-être.

Paul Durango a dit…


Leif a dit…

In the future, you can use to find images.