mercredi 19 août 2009

Taxi - The Complete Fourth Season : TO BE UNLEASHED IN A MONTH !

I will sooooo use my megapowerful euros to buy this.

can't wait.

AND anyone who has the soundtrack of this show can / SHould / MUST post some links somewhere !

I can't find it and it makes me sick.

Good bye-bye.

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Anonymous a dit…

thank you, your love is a life saver

Dj No Breakfast a dit…

Paul et les autres. // I am desperatly looking for JANKO NILOVIC's album: "Water Show" by Andy Loore / [Montparnasse 2000]. If anybody could provide me a rapidshare link for this, it will made my day. THANKS.


oh putain , c'est pas un blog de tapette ça ( rien d'homophe hein , juste une expression ). bref , ya que du bon à sampler ici , t'es sur paris ?