mardi 25 août 2009

Sam Spence - The Art of Synthesizer (1972)

GEM re-up.
50 short tracks and cues.
The ART of Synthesizer.

Sam Spence - 01 - Leaving
Sam Spence - 02 - Leaving (version 2)
Sam Spence - 03 - Leaving (version 3)
Sam Spence - 04 - The Searcher
Sam Spence - 05 - The Net
Sam Spence - 06 - Swamp
Sam Spence - 07 - Cosmetic
Sam Spence - 48 - Moog Shots 26
Sam Spence - 49 - Moog Shots 27
Sam Spence - 50 - Moog Shots 28

50 tracks / 34'46 / 320 kbps / 89 Mb

6 commentaires:

kevinass a dit…

wow these are both so great! thanks

Anonymous a dit…

Your blog is a true goldmine of synth gems. The level of each record is as different like the artists who made them (from pretty cheesy to outstanding and ahead of time)

Anonymous a dit…

never heard before. but he knows how too play the moog. most records offers simple and silly synth sounds. this record has some really atmospheric compositions.
thanks a lot for this gem!

Anonymous a dit…

You're sharing some fantastic stuff here, thanks. I'm only familiar with Spence's NFL films work, so i look foward to hearing this. Thanks again for all your work!

Los Peores Discos a dit…

Maravilloso blog, maravillosos sonidos. Hacen reir, en el buen sentido.

Jultopia (Julian Master) a dit…