mardi 4 août 2009

Patrick Remy - Constellations (1981)

provided by our supa friend DmVl - thanks a bunch

A top notch LP.

Patrick Remy - A1 - Quasar 3C 273
Patrick Remy - A2 - Bérénice
Patrick Remy - A3 - Magellan

Patrick Remy - B1 - Zeta
Patrick Remy - B2 - Pulsar
Patrick Remy - B3 - Croix Du Sud
Patrick Remy - B4 - Proxima Centauri

78Mb, HERE

5 commentaires:

Anonymous a dit…

J'ai bien lu 'en reconnaissance à Ron Hubbard pour ses travaux et découvertes sur l'art et la liberté' ?
Ce qui s'appelle une curiosité.

disco-connection a dit…

Nice album Paul
Many thanks fron all at discoconnection2.

khoral a dit…

That was fun
Love those groovy beats and arpeggios
And the cover, the Hubbard reference and the name (Paaatriiick)

Paul Necklace a dit…

The record is filled with various emotions it is almost nostalgic. I hope to find similar records in the future - any suggestions?

extra song in my life a dit…

Haven't listened to his songs in a while. These are oldies but to me these songs are immortal!