jeudi 5 mars 2009

UPDATED -- early mar 2k9 - Help! Infos and/or links on some tracks ?!

Sometimes, guys send me a mail asking me infos on tracks and composers.
And most of the time it's rather difficult to content them..
SO I decided to create a dedicated post here.

REQUEST # 1 (Zalman's) :
(short clips.. less than 1 Mb)

REQUEST # 2 (Gary's) :
(5 unknown tracks.. contact g.smither*at* if know some' about 'em)

3 more from Gary :
31 short cues.. very exotic.. and only 1.7 Mb ;-)

REQUEST # 4 (danielplg**-AT-**

Attached please find a file which contains 9 awesome samples from music libraries used by my local TV station during the early 80's. (1.8 Mb)

REQUEST # 5 dienekes.480bc[[at]]

.. an instrumental track which has been recorded before of 1974 (i say that cause this tune has been used on some TV advertisements of 74') and it sounds like between Les Reed and Paul Mauriat (yes Paul Mauriat!) with moog synth and funk rhythm in it plus some phasing effects..

HERE that's a great tune actually !!! ; i hope someone will know where its from !

REQUEST # 6 (early march 2k9) (last one from Gary => g.smither/NOSPAM\

"I know the titles of Track5 (Hey Jude) and Track6 (Popcorn) but like the other tracks here who are these versions preformed by and what LPs are they from?"


If you know anything about any of the posted tracks, post a comment and/or try to get in touch with the relevant guy ! Be a hero.

If you want hunters to help you find what you're looking after, post a comment !

Ta !

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Anonymous a dit…

Anyone got KPM 1201 Atmospheres - It's another great Ron Geesin electronic album - "waltz in forest" is a strange and haunting track worth hearing.

Anonymous a dit…

Does anyone have any music from Network Music?