mardi 17 mars 2009

[St Germain Des Près] - STGDP 123 - Jacques Siroul - Midway (1975)

One GREAT pop'esque groovy library LP rip provided by house303 : T H A N K Y O U.

.. Credits:

Written by - Jacques Siroul
Bass - Daniel Snick
Drums - Léon Dodele
Guitar - Burt Blanca (tracks: A2, A4)
Engineer - Michel Lecloux , Pierre Branner

FYI Jacques Siroul's planning to reissue all of his albums on iTunes soon.

Might be the time to buy some.. Lots of gems impossible to find elsewhere.....

Anyway, here's the tracklisting :

Jacques Siroul - A1 - Escupo
Jacques Siroul - A2 - Midway
Jacques Siroul - A3 - Pop Robin
Jacques Siroul - A4 - Farniente
Jacques Siroul - A5 - Diamant

Jacques Siroul - B1 - Reflets
Jacques Siroul - B2 - Orly
Jacques Siroul - B3 - Gratte-Ciel
Jacques Siroul - B4 - Velours
Jacques Siroul - B5 - Escale
Jacques Siroul - B6 - See

France ruled @ 320 kbps

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CBlack a dit…

Nice album, thanks! I'm curious about this label--St Germain des Pres. Is it some kind of outgrowth of Montparnasse? The covers look so much like the Montparnasse motif that I wondered if this was a reincarnation or just a sort of copycat phenomenon. In any event, thanks again for the album. I'd like to hear more from Siroul (or from the label generally).

archigram a dit…

St. Germain des Pres was an official "sub-label" of MP2000, mostly dedicated to issuing Italian libraries, though in this case it was a Belgian library instead! ;)

aceha1 a dit…

thank you so much!!

Brother John a dit…

Great LP with breaks, fender bass and strange vocals ! First time I heard about Jacques Siroul. Thank you.

Anonymous a dit…

Thanks :)))

ROKWELL a dit…

Great Share this one. Thanks

Anonymous a dit…

wow what an amazing album, I'm defiantly going to try to get of hold of more Jacques

thankyou so much

Heavy D a dit…

Thanks a lot!

Soundslike a dit…

What a find! Love the slightly dizzy, spacey feel of this one--those synths are very unique and wonderfully executed. Thanks!

JacSir a dit…

Hello, I am Jacques SIROUL ! Thanks for your comments on "Midway". I am a belgium composer or more than 350 tunes for radio and televisions all over the world. Today, it's possible to listen these soundtracks on or If you want more informations, you'are welcome on myspace/jacquessiroul (in french with translations facilities). Best Regards. Jacques

Eric Jacobs a dit…

could you possibly re-upload please? thank you so much!