mardi 3 mars 2009

Do you know this song ?

Need your help : do you know anything about the groovy song featured in the above video ??

Can't get the info from the original blog..

After further investigation by a few others who are trying to figure it out too, we came to the conclusion that the guy in the video had pitched the song up to sound like a female ; when slowed down you can here that it's actually a bossa nova song with a Portuguese male singing.

=> You can hear a sample of what the clip sounds like when pitched down here:

=> It sounds like Caetano Veloso or Joao Gilberto even if that would be too obvious and someone would allready be able to recognize it

Any help much appreciated!


2 commentaires:

Brother John a dit…

On some forums I can find "Jeansy" by Novi Singers. Never heard this one, son I can't check if it's the right sample...

Ray a dit…

Track is by Maria Bethania - "Mariana Mariana"