mercredi 3 décembre 2008

Library/various Strks blind tests -- updated

I received mails about identifying unknown tracks and unfortunately it didn't ring any of my bells..

The first track is a Glenn Miller styled ballad used in Carpenter's The Fog

The second track is from 1976 NFL Films Super Bowl..

Both can be downloaded here. (3Mb)

If you have any kind of clue, the people to get in touch with have their mails attached to the .mp3 files...

5th of dec - UPDATE :

A new track to identify.. it's groovy, it's italian, it's here :


6 commentaires:

palojoe a dit…

Paul,..Do you have Hardys Jet Band-Blue Butterfly?? on Selected Sound? or can you help me find it? thanks,..

Hrangue a dit…

No problem.

merijn a dit…

"I have 'Robot Bleu' on vinyl I should rip.."

YES! (please :))

merijn (enjoying Robot Rose)

Paul Durango a dit…

Thank you very much for this one House303 ! You TOTALLY made my day ;-)

I'll post it on

.. it indeed belongs here too but (after listening to it a bit..) i think it's more a 'classical mid 70s classy italian music LP' than a pure library one.. Any ways SUPERBE !

Gonzo - a dit…

Thanks for letting us know about "Midnight Serenade"! I'm listening to it at the moment online. I'd have to do some digging to see what LP it appears on. Sounds just like the Miller big band might have recorded it - the ENTIRE styling is there!

Jacko a dit…

Is there anyone who could repost Blue Butterfly? I just discovered it but the link is dead. Thanks for all the great work.