lundi 15 décembre 2008

Dan Lacksman Association - Flamenco Moog (1972)

At last !

Supa thx to dmvl for his share !

By the way, i lost ALL my slsk contacts this week-end (had to change hardware and unable to save a snapshots of my friends list.. gad damn hardware sometimes... anyway now i have 2.3 Tb of internal space and 4 external hdd.. that should do IT! ;-) )
=> Feel free to contact me (again..) if you want me to add you........ user name is : Paul_Durango

A1 - Pop Corn & Pop'N Rock
A2 - You're Gonna Be My Friend
A3 - You Gotta Feel It
A4 - Sweetly & Slowly
A5 - La Bamba

B1 - The Flamenco Moog
B2 - Cycles
B3 - Lonely Days
B4 - Coconut
B5 - The Sound Of My Love

320 kbps, taged, renamed and evrything !

En joie !

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