jeudi 18 décembre 2008

Disco miouzik : Harry Thumann

As requested, here's Harry german disco guru Thumann first LP, American Express and (as bonus) Underwater 12'.

Paf ! Recommended !

American Express (1980)
A1 - American Express
A2 - Give A Little Help
B1 - Underwater
B2 - You Turn Me On
B3 - Christine

32'51 @ 256


Underwater (12', 1979)
A - Underwater
B - American Express

13'22 @ 256


7 commentaires:

deemo a dit…

Merci, votre blog est une mine d'or pour moi, merci de partager tous ces albums.

Goldy a dit…

amazing taste of music paul. got any Giorgio Moroder?

Anonymous a dit…

nice and fun!

Anonymous a dit…

Hi Paul,

I d/led from your M/fire library (excellent thanks) but track 2 (go,go,go) of KPM 1086 has become corrupted on the server - just letting you know. Thanks for all the hard work.


Music fan

v ed a dit…

cool thanks! i've always like his song "underwater" but haven't heard the album. it'll be interesting to hear more.

Anonymous a dit…

Give a Little Help is my jam

Goldy a dit…

anything from the 70s would be cool