mercredi 12 décembre 2007

Blade Runner OST - 'MR3' Edition

The most complete bootleg.. (i have)

Prologue And Main Titles (3:54)
Leon's Voight Kampff Test / Sushi Bar (1:36)
Damask Rose (2:00)
Spinner Ascent (Los Angeles November 2019) (1:31)
Blush Response (5:46)
Wait For Me (5:18)
Deckard Meets Rachel / Rachel's Voight Kampff Test (1:37)
Rachel's Song (4:21)
Tales Of The Future (On The Trail Of Nexus 6) (4:54)
Bicycle Riders (Harps Of The Ancient Temples) (2:10)
Chew's Eye Lab (1:21)
Memories Of Green (5:26)
Blade Runner Blues (Extended Version) (10:05)
Pris Meets J.F. Sebastian (1:50)
One More Kiss, Dear (3:59)


Thinking Of Rachel (Love Theme Different Take) (1:25)
Esper Analysis (2:22)
Animoid Row Part 1 (Tales Of The Future Reprise) (1:36)
Animoid Row Part 2 (1:02)
Taffey Lewis' Night Club (2:01)
Salome's Dance (1:23)
Zhora's Retirement (Blade Runner Blues Reprise) (1:42)
I Am The Business (1:29)
Love Theme (Extended Version) (5:56)
I Dreamt Music (Alternate Love Theme) (4:24)
Morning At The Bradbury (3:35)
The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Prelude) (2:01)
The Prodigal Son Brings Death (3:42)
Deckard Enters The Bradbury (3:01)
Dangerous Days (0:58)
Wounded Animals (10:57)
Tears In Rain (Time To Die Edit) (2:54)
Rachel Sleeps (1:52)
End Titles (Full Length Version) (7:14)


Los Angeles - November 2019 (0:28)
Third Sector - China Town (4:42)
Fourth Sector - downTown(3:59)
Nineteenth Sector - Police Headquarters (2:40)
Twenty-Fifth Sector - Tyrell Corporation (6:23)
Seventh Sector - Apartment 9732 (12:01)
Ninth Sector - Urban Blues (12:04)
Fifth Sector - Animoid Row (7:13)
Second Sector - DNA Row (4:44)
Seventh Sector - Apartment 9732 (reprise) (6:58)
Eighth Sector - Nocturnal Rain (3:43)
Tenth Sector - The Bradbury Building (13:05)


The Blade Runner Suite No.1 (Alternate Versions)

Ladd Company Logo Fanfare (0:23)
Prologue And Main Titles (Film Version) (3:55)
Leon's Voight Kampff Test (Alternate Version) (1:08)
Ogi No Mato (Alternate Version) (2:30)
Spinner Ascent (Film Version) (1:42)
Deckard Meets Rachel (1:02)
Rachel's Voight Kampff Test (Full Length Version) (1:48)
Bicycle Riders (Original Version) (2:09)
Memories Of Green (Film Version) (1:01)
Blade Runner Blues (Film Version) (1:45)
I Dreamt Music (Alternate Edit) (2:39)
The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Film Version) (4:51)
Wounded Animals (Alternative Edit) (6:58)
Tears In Rain (Alternate Version) (3:04)
End Titles (Alternate Edit) (5:14)

The Blade Runner Suite No.2 (Bonus Tracks)

Main Titles (Alternative Edit) (3:42)
Tears In Rain (Film Version) (2:38)
Tears In Rain (Original Version) (2:38)
Tears In Rain (Jerry Goldsmith *not John Williams* "Workprint" Version) (2:43)
Sound Effect Test (1:10)
If I Didn't Care (3:02)
One More Kiss, Dear (Original Version) (3:57)
Trailer And Alternative Main Titles (1:37)

Frank Klepacki's Interpretations

Blade Runner Blues (8:22)
One More Time, Love (2:56)
Love Theme (3:37)
End Titles (3:25)

4h33 / 74 tracks / VBR~210kbps

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Anonymous a dit…

cool bootleg - thanks. i wonder why they miss out the real opening sounds on most regular OST's of BL. It's so brylliant!

Anonymous a dit…

Disk II contains 20 tracks and starts with "Deckard's Dream (Extended version)"

Anonymous a dit…

Thankyou for sharing, but the last tracks are missing off of CD2 and CD3.

wadser 1 a dit…

help i so want this beauty yet each time i try to download i get sent to what do have to do i realy want this for my collection please someone help yours wadser 1

Mark a dit…

Always knew about the different verions of the soundtrack, but was never able to track most of them down. Great to be able to hear them at last. Many thanks...

loup a dit…

ca va... vous etes un egoiste.... pourquoi tu n´ait pas enregistre la piste 19 du cd 2...salut