mercredi 12 décembre 2007

Blade Runner - Los Angeles - November 2019

The movie's sound effects.
Los Angeles, November 2019 (0:30)
Third Sector - China Town (4:43)
Fourth Sector - Downtown (3:58)
Nineteenth Sector - Police Headquarters (2:43)
Twenty-Fifth Sector - Tyrell Corporation (6:27)
Seventh Sector - Apartment 9726 (12:12)
Ninth Sector - Urban Blues (12:02)
Fifth Sector - Animoid Row (7:15)
Second Sector - DNA Row (4:59)
Seventh Sector - Apartment 9726 (Reprise) (7:06)
Eighth Sector - Nocturnal Rain (3:45)
Tenth Sector - The Bradbury Building (13:03)

5 commentaires:

LA08 a dit…

hin it's the same like MR3 edition CD 3, isn't it?

Anonymous a dit…

Thank You!

Mark a dit…

Many thanks.

Troy a dit…

This is my favourite of the Bladerunner bootlegs: the background ambience and incidental musics are my favourite part of the film: fantastic atmosphere! What I'd been looking for in the Bladerunner soundtrack all these years. Thanks for posting!

(Yes, seems the same as Disc 3 of MR3 edition. Good to have another link to this gem, though!)

Cas a dit…

This is great, it's actually not from the film at all, its the locational background ambients from the bladerunner videogame on PC.