vendredi 14 décembre 2007

Blade Runner OST - The 25th Anniversary Edition

Submitted by Cloud9, here's the 25th Anniversary Edition.

First disc is the 'regular' score,
Second disc is all about bonus & unreleased tracks,
Third disc is some new music with overdubbed spoken words

The fourth part contains the teaser, the trailer and 2 "Blade Runner: The Final Cut" wallpapers.


1.Main Titles (3:41)
2.Blush Response (5:46)
3.Wait for Me (5:27)
4.Rachels Song (4:45)
5.Love Theme (4:52)
6.One More Kiss, Dear (3:56)
7.Blade Runner Blues (8:52)
8.Memories of Green (5:04)
9.Tales of the Future (vocode (4:46)
10.Damask Rose (2:32)
11.Blade Runner (End Titles) (4:39)
12.Tears in Rain (2:56)
13.Tema de Semnatura a Compani (0:23)


1.Longing (1:57)
2.Unveiled Twinkling Space (1:58)
3.Dr. Tyrell's Owl (2:39)
4.At Mr. Chew's (4:46)
5.Leo's Room (2:19)
6.One Alone (2:17)
7.Deckard And Roy's Duel (6:15)
8.Dr. Tyrell's Death (3:09)
9.Desolation Path (5:44)
10.Empty Streets (6:12)
11.Mechanical Dolls (2:51)
12.Fading Away (3:07)
13.Eye on the City (3:51)


1.Launch Approval (1:53)
2.Up And Running (3:08)
3.Mail From India (3:27)
4.BR Downtown (2:27)
5.Dimitri's Bar (3:50)
6.Sweet Solitude (6:55)
7.No Expectation Boulevard (6:43)
8.Vadavarot (4:13)
9.Perfume Exotico (5:19)
10.Spotkanie Z Matka (5:05)
11.Piano In An Empty Room (3:36)
12.Keep Asking (1:26)

I renamed some of the original files and retagged some stuff..
274Mb / 4 parts / 224kbps

You'll find it here :

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Thanks to mrpoo3, here's a reasonably good quality version of Qu'ran :

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Anonymous a dit…

Each CD has exactly 12 tracks... why is that CD 1 and 2 have one more making the total of 13 tracks when they should be 12 ???

Anonymous a dit…

Thanks didkyd for adding the 1982 re-recording... the most common version was missing from this otherwise excellent blog!!

VonCheech a dit…

can we get your expert review comparing all the different versions ?

Paul Durango a dit…

the rapidshare links are up and running.. try a different web browser.. (firefox.. chrome..)