mercredi 17 novembre 2010

The Splash Band - The Music Of John Carpenter (1984)

produced by Ralf Hennings, a must have.

covers of John Carpenter's themes tracks. Electro-like.

The Splash Band - 01 - The End (Disco)
The Splash Band - 02 - Unheimliche Schattenlichter
The Splash Band - 03 - Das Ding
The Splash Band - 04 - The Fog
The Splash Band - 05 - Christine
The Splash Band - 06 - Halloween I
The Splash Band - 07 - The End (Sound Mix)
The Splash Band - 08 - Halloween 2
The Splash Band - 09 - Die Klapperschlange
The Splash Band - 10 - Starman (Dance Mix)
The Splash Band - 11 - Big Trouble in little China


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Horatio Hufnagel a dit…

nice album! got my copy a long time ago.

do you also have: splash band - the philadelphia experiment

would be nice!


the saucer people a dit…

Totally agree, this is essential listening! I saw some John Carpenter fan on Amazon bitching about how terrible it was and how he thought "it was an actual JC CD and he got ripped off blah blah blah....."

Clearly the man had no freakin soul and I know I am going out on a limb here but even as a huge fan of the films and music of Mr. C., there are some tracks on here that I prefer to the original..heresy I know!

Sure you must have already posted the P.L. records they did as well....the covers of Kraftwerk and Pete Shelley are similarly essential.

I have the Splash Band CD on my to buy list as it is pretty soon as I do, I will post a 320 rip for everyone.

Here is a rip of the Philadelphia Experiment track for the poster above:

the saucer people a dit…

I forgot to ask...I was looking for the 2009 post of Georges Rodi's 'Actual 2' on libraryhunt...with the magic of google reader I brought libraryhunt back to life and went back to the post and the mediafire link is dead..boohoo.

Is there another link for this album?

Dirkson a dit…

Here it is Saucer peep!


the saucer people a dit…

Many thanks for the Georges Rodi link Dirkson, your kindness is most appreciated!

His 'Space' and 'Spaciology' albums seem to be minor cosmic disco holy grails and it is suprising no library related blog has posted them yet though with 'Space' fetching a 100+ Euros I guess it is not that odd!

a m o a dit…

thanks for the blog and this post!

here's a video of me playing a tribute to mr. carpenter, if you're interested...



angieaudio a dit…

I have been looking for this for soo long!!

paco a dit…

re up please!