lundi 8 novembre 2010

reup -- [Chappell] - LPC 1055 - The Machines - Electronic Music (1973)

The Machines - 01 - Vibramatics
The Machines - 02 - Peanuts
The Machines - 03 - Icebreaker
The Machines - 04 - Aqua-Jets
The Machines - 13 - Syncopulse
The Machines - 14 - Jelly Baby
The Machines - 15 - Automania
The Machines - 16 - Invasion Of The Insects
The Machines - 17 - Sales Drive
The Machines - 18 - Moonbug


=> update : check out the high res cover (right click / save as)
courtesy of
trkizbrki ; thx !

5 commentaires:

Voodoo Allen a dit…

yeeeeah! this is one of the best library albums i ever heard! i love it - thanks so much! do you know if there are there any other ones in the same style?

dispo a dit…

Fantastic! Killer! Thanks a lot! I'm totally in love with "Moonbug".
@Voodoo: Some of the Nino Nardini tracks (especially Icebreaker) remind me of his famous "Pop Electronique" library record together with Cecil Leuter (=Roger Roger) (where Nardini used his real name Georges Teperino).
In any case if you look for Nardini/Teperino and/or Leuter/Roger you'll find interesting stuff you might like if you like this record.

Adam Bernet a dit…

Could someone re-upload this? To a different site maybe? File Serve just keeps getting stuck on 1mb!!

spaceman_west a dit…

anyone have this that can reupload to media fire or rapidshare?
thanks in advance!!

Blogger a dit…

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